Planting trees for forty years composes a new chapter to Anqing city

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March 12th is the Tree Planting Day. This year marks 40th anniversary of the nationwide voluntary tree planting activities. Under the organization of Anqing Greening Committee, Anhui Ring New Group Co., Ltd., the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee, the Municipal Women's Federation and the Municipal Federation of labor union, the Sinopec company, Huamao Group and Shuguang group went to Yuexing community to build a memorial planting.

On the morning, more than 30 employees of the group arrived early by bus. They took up the shovel and formed teams with three people in one team. Over there, other teams are also working enthusiastically, and the whole scene is very active. After hard work, the bare land was full of trees and vitality.


General secretary Xi Jinping said that " Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". "Ecological environmental protection is a force task that will benefit both today and future generations." Anqing is located in the south central part of China and along the bank of the Yangtze River. With beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and convenient transportation, Anqing is a good city suitable for tourism, living and business. As a leading enterprise and local representative enterprise of auto parts manufacturing, ARN group not only carries the mission of leading the development of the industry, but also performs its duty to protect its hometown!


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